3CSL - Rules


1. Each team is allowed to sign on five players. Two extra players may be signed on provided a registration fee of £1 per additional player is made.

2. The signing on fee per team is £15.

3. Each team will nominate their home night.

4. All matches will start at 7:30pm. If any team arrives later than 8:00pm they will forfeit a frame.

5. A match will comprise of three pairs of opposing players contesting two frames per pairing.

6. One point will be awarded to the winner of each frame. In the event of a frame being drawn, the black will be respotted.

7. Games are to be started by the toss of a coin, each player starting one of the frames.

8. Results are to be returned using the online results form - alternatively, results can be submitted to the Secretary on the postcards provided within one week of the match date.

9. In the event of a team postponing a match, at least 24 hours notice must be given to the opposing team captain, and the match re-arranged within four weeks of the original date. The Secretary must be notified of the situation and must receive the result of the re-arranged match within one week of it being played.
Should any team fail to arrive for a fixture (whether home or away) the offending team representative may be liable to attend a special committee meeting, where the possible expulsion of the team will be considered if an adequate excuse is not given.

9a. In cases where games that have not been re-arranged and played within four weeks of the original date, the team that is not at fault will receive an average of their points (calculated at the end of the season) added to their total. The team that is at fault will have three points deducted.

10. Two teams will be relegated from Division One and two promoted from Division Two when appropriate.

11. Should two or more teams tie on points for promotion or relegation place, there will be a play-off to decide the issue. The play-off will be played on a neutral table on the basis of the team knock-out scoring.

12. Each club is to nominate its own representative to liaise with the committee and Secretary. He/she will be responsible for the prompt return of all results from the club and will attend all committee meetings.


13. Each round is to be played over the best of three frames, apart from the final, which will be played over five frames.

14. A coin shall be tossed to determine first break, each player is to break on one of the first two frames. Should a third frame be necessary, the break is to be decided by a further toss of the coin.

15. The home player is to contact the away player to arrange the time and date for the match.

16. If the Secretary has not received the result of the match by the closing date of the round, the away player will go through to the next round, unless a satifactory explanation is sent to the Secretary.

17. Semi-finals and finals are to be played on neutral tables.


18. A match will comprise of three pairs of opposing players, each pair playing two frames.

19. Each player is to break off one of the frames.

20. One point will be awarded per frame. In the event of a 3-3 tie, a deciding game will be played, with the players being selected by the team captains.

21. Team knock-out semi-finals and finals are to be played on neutral tables.


22. Handicap and doubles competitions are to be run on the same lines as the individual competitions, with handicaps to apply on every frame.


23. To feature in the highest averages competition, players must have taken part in at least 50% of the league matches in any one season.

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